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78 Trans AM Pontiac 400

We are about to pull this engine and install an LSX 454  620HP crate engine.  We wanted to video the current engine to show it running fine so the owner has verification for it's sale.  Pontiac 400 small block

54 Chevy Cab Epoxy Primer

Here's a look at a 54 Chevy Pickup Cab after it has been sprayed with epoxy primer.  Epoxy primer is required on all dipped parts for two reasons.  First it seals the metal against future rust.  Secondly, it's what the primer and paint adhere to.

Painting 66 Chevelle 101

Tim teaching Nelsa how to paint her 66 Chevelle

66 Nova LS3

1966 Nova LS3 525HP Conversion:  this is video of when we started the new LS3 engine for the very first time. 

56 Chevy LS Conversion
  • LS3 435HP
  • 4L65E trans
  • Art Morrison Chassis
  • Wilwood Brakes
56 Chevy LS Conversion

Placing the body on the Art Morrision Chassis.

56 Chevy: blocksanding

This video shows just one of the many highly important steps of bodywork.  Blocksanding is very important if you want a quality paint job. 

69 Camaro

69 Camaro getting RideTech air suspension, all new fibergalss dash and interior panels, Wilwood brake upgrades, and more.

70 Mustang Mach 1 cutting

In this video you see Tom cutting off the drivers side quarter panel.

70 Mustang Mach 1 sheetmetal

Replacing quarter panels, roof skin, trunk floor pan, and a few other sheetmetal parts.  In this video Tom is cutting out the old sheetmetal in prep for installation of the new parts.

Quarter door panel replacment

Replacing the passager quarter door assembly on a 70 Mustang Mach 1.  We purhcase the replacement piece through Dynacorn.  Tom our fabricator will be welding it into place.  Look for updates soon.

Prep 64 Chevelle Hood for epo

Cleaning a 64 Chevelle hood for epoxy after acid dipping.  Shows the steps involved in prepping dipped parts for epoxy.

64 Chevelle hood epoxy primed

Shows a 64 Chevelle hood after is has been sprayed with epoxy primer.  Epoxy is required on all bare metal after it has been through our dipping process.  Epoxy seals the metal from future rust and becomes the base for adhesion for primer and paint.

Dipping Chevy Nomad Body

This is a video done at our Metal Dipping Shop.

Shows us putting a Chevy Nomad body into the hot tank.

We are working to create some Tech Videos and will post them soon.

Thank you.

67 Jaguar XKE

Overview of the challenges we can see on this project.

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