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Welcome to Metal Works Classics

Welcome to Metal Works Classics

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Welcome to MetalWorks Classic Restorations

We specialize in the complete process of classic car restoration. Our shop is designed to receive your classic car and completely restore it to better than new condition all within our facility. We feel the best way to insure the highest quality is to have complete control of the entire restoration process. Our cars are well known for the sharpest details and award winning paint jobs.

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Our Mission

At MetalWorks we strive to provide the highest quality classic car restoration anywhere. We pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship, details, and focus we put into every restoration project we work on no matter what size project it is. We want every car restoration project to be as close to perfection as possible when it leaves our shop. We do total restoration projects costing over $250,000 a car to minor projects costing only a few hundred dollars. For us at MetalWorks it?s not about the size of the project it?s about the finished restoration product and how the car looks and runs when it?s completed.

Cars are Our Passion at MetalWorks

All of our employees are carefully hand chosen based on their love of a cars, years of focus and devotion, and undeniable true passion for automobiles. Each one of us brings added depth and dimension to our team. One guy might have a passion for painting a, another for body work, some for building engines, or another for interior work. In the end what it comes down to for us is all about our passion for this business.

MetalWorks History

MetalWorks began as a small group of car enthusiasts getting together on the evenings and weekends to work on projects. Slowly over time each car continued to garner more attention and awards at the local car shows. We started getting more and more calls from others asking if we could help them with their projects. At first we did what we could just because of the joy in seeing each car when it was finished. However, it didn?t take long to realize we couldn?t put so much time and attention into each project for free. Once we started billing for our time we realized nobody had any issues paying us for their restoration work. From that point on we?ve never looked back. Our classic car restoration business has grown every year and we are enjoying every day of it.

Complete Restoration Projects

At MetalWorks our facility is set up to provide complete classic car restoration all within one facility. We do all the restoration work in house, everything from where the tires touch the pavement and up. We don?t send any of our work off site to have it done by someone else. This allows us 100% ability to oversee quality control and ensure each classic restoration project is done to exact specification. Each restoration project no matter who it?s made by Chevy, Ford, or Dodge all get the same focus and attention to detail. The same is true no matter what model of classic car it is: a Corvette, Thunderbird, Firebird, Camaro, Chevelle, Belair, Pickup, Panel, T-Bucket, Impala, Mustang, Nova, they all get the same high quality attention.

Total Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

At MetalWorks we know very well that every classic car restoration project is different, each owner is different, everyone has different budgets in mind, and what each owner wants in his or her project is different. One thing we know must be the same is customer satisfaction. When you leave our facility with your completed restoration project you will be very pleased with our work or we haven?t done our job. We believe it?s our commitment to total customer satisfaction that has helped our business grow year after year.

Restoration Process

We begin each classic restoration project by stripping the car down as much as needed for the work to be completed. For a total classic car restoration project (Ford, Chevy, or Dodge) this means completely breaking the car down to the bare metal. Once the car is ready we take it through our acid dipping process. The acid dipping, or metal dipping as some call it, removes all the paint and rust providing is a solid base for beginning the classic car restoration process. With owner input we decide what parts we save and reuse and what parts are best to be replaced during the restoration process. We order the parts from our classic auto parts suppliers and get to work doing any necessary work while the parts are in shipping.

Restoration Costs

Every restoration project is different so the cost of every restoration project is different. Our desire is to have every classic car we work on be an amazing work of art when completed. However, we know not everyone wants to or can spend the amount of money needed for the super high end classic show car. We work closely with each owner to provide the highest quality restoration job while working to stay within each owner?s budget. Of course everyone must understand we may run into unexpected challenges once we have each car in pieces. When we find work that is more challenging then we had anticipated we always stop immediately, contact the owner, look for the best solution, amend the work order, and move forward with the restoration. We bill each project monthly with a detailed list of the work completed, parts used, cost of parts, and shop hours work on each restoration project.

Cars Restored by MetalWorks

Our passion is with any classic car. We enjoy each restoration project we do no matter what the make or model of classic car you have. A classic Chevy car is what you?ll most often find in our shop. However, right next to a Chevy Impala you may find a Ford Mustang, Ford Panel, LaSalle, or a Dodge car. We put the same focus and attention to detail into every car restoration we do. Some of our past projects have been a Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, Ford Panel, Chevy Camaro, Firebird, 1955 Chevy Belair, 1957 Chevy Belair, Chevy Impala, Chevelle, and many more.

Finest Full Service Custom Classic Car Restoration Shop in the Northwest

MetalWorks shop is located in Eugene, Oregon. Our location offers us great ability to serve many classic auto restoration enthusiasts on the West Coast. We are just an hour and a half South of Portland, Oregon the largest city in Oregon. We have had some customers from as far away as the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, and all over Northern California for our work. We have one of the only classic car metal dipping or acid dipping facilities on the West Coast. Our metal dipping facility brings us customers from all over the Northwest and all over the West Coast, including Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.

In Oregon we have customers bring a classic car to us from Medford and Central Point areas, Salem, Portland, and Bend. Our Washington clients have driven as far as from Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma, Longview, Olympia, Tri Cities, and Vancouver / Camas areas.

Of course plenty of our work comes from right here in our local area. Eugene, Oregon has tons of classic car restoration enthusiasts. Oregon authorized dealer for: classic car parts, wheels, electrical, air conditioning, performance, sheet metal, and suspension parts.

Although it takes only the most serious person to drag their classic auto from the Bay Area, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, or other places in Northern California you wouldn?t believe how many calls we get every month from people wanting us to do work for them

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