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Welcome to Metalworks restoration facility located in Eugene, Oregon. We have found that to have the best results in restoration you must do it all. Our facilities our set up to do all that is required to completely restore a classic car. A full restoration starts at our Acid dipping (metal cleaning) shop. This is where we take the entire vehicle in pieces to strip all paint and rust. Then It will return to the restoration facility for complete restoration and assemble.


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Body Shop

Our Body shop is located in a separate build on the property. This works excellent for separating the finished products from the dusty enviroment of a body shop. Our body shop is set up with all the tools and equipment to handle any kind of repair that is needed. We have 4 full time body and paint technicians, all with over 10 years experience in this trade. They all came from the collision industry and are have several certifications such as I-car, ASE, etc. All the guys are extremely passionate for Classic cars and love the satisfaction of working at a high level on these classics.


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Paint Booth

We have recently installed an oversized paint booth in the body shop. It is excellent in that there is enough room to lay out an entire car and spray all at the same time. This insures a perfect color match every time.


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Fabrication Shop

The fabrication shop is located in our main building. Here we have all the tools required to anything from sheet metal patched panels to custom chassis fabrication.


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Restoration/Assemble shop

This is the fun area of the shop. It is also considered a show room. By the time the cars come here they are in there final paint, color sanded and polished. This room is always full of beautiful hot rods and classics. Here they are carefully assembled in a clean enviroment. All cars are put together with some of the finest detail work every seen. We love nothing more than to hear someone comment on how clean and detailed our cars are.


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Performance/Restoration parts

We purchase thousands of dollars in performance and restoration parts. This allows us to have excellent buying power with our vendors. Our goal is to sell you those parts at discounted rates often well below suggested retail prices. Ask about restoration packages, buy it all at once and save big!


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Repair/Upgrade service

We don't just build classics, we repair them as well. If you have a need for repairing or servicing your classic we have the know how and talent to handle any repair or upgrade you require. Common upgrades might be adding air conditioning, upgrading suspension and brake systems, engine and transmission swaps, electrical, etc.. Need Ideas? Come talk with Jon, he always has great ideas.


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We are proud of our shop and it shows. All areas of the shop and property are kept very neat and clean. The property is also very secure. Our parking area is fully fenced and secured. The builds have built in security that monitors all doors and windows along with motion and fire detectors. You can be ensured that you classic will be safe here.


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Metal/Acid dipping

We offer acid dipping for classic cars and parts. This process is an excellent way to strip your car of paint and rust. When you dip your parts you without a doubt know exactly what you have. This dipping process will clean areas that no other process can. All parts are submerged in our paint and rust removal tanks. This allows all areas to be cleaned. All parts go through a 3 step process to safely clean your part. We can dip most car and truck bodies. Some, due to size limitations, can't be dipped so be sure and call first.

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