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We build custom Street Rods. MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration is the Norhtwests largest builder of Street Rods in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Our shop is over 14,000 square feet. If you look at our awards page you'll see our work is second to none. Street Rods and Hot Rods are the cars we love building both for our customers and for our own cars. We can build your Street Rods to any specifications you desire!

Street Rods are thought of as a mix of Hot Rods, Custom Cars, and modern Detroit cars. We see their focus being on high end custom paint jobs, amazing leather interiors, and more modern engines and running gear. When it comes to how the NSRA or National Street Rods Assocation defines it, Street Rods are cars that were made prior to 1949. If you are trying to diferenciate between Hot Rods and Street Rods you might look at it this way. Hot Rods are cars built using mostly as many original, old parts as possible. Street Rods on the other hand are built using many newer, more modern parts.

The car communities that enjoy Street Rods tend to be more family oriented than the Hot Rods groups. You will find that there are hundreds of local car clubs supporting the Street Rods community. The largest club in the world, the National Street Rods Association sponsers many local and national events. These events serve as the showplaces where the owners can showcase their person Street Rods to the community and the world.

"Your Headquarters for the parts you need for your Street Rods. We are the largest source for performance parts in Eugene, Oregon. Your single source street rods parts provider. We have access to thousands of street rods parts for your car or truck hot rods. We are regularly sourcing out new suppliers and adding new parts regularly. Or you can check out our huge selection of parts for Hot Rods and Street Rods online at To browse our web site just click through images to locate the parts for your vehicle. If you cannot find what your looking for or have questions call us and one of our expert staff will help you put together your order.
Need a new engine for one of your Street Rods? We do LS Conversions. Call on MetalWorks for your new crate engine."


We Sell Heidts Suspensions for Street Rods! Metalworks Classic Auto Restoration of Eugene, Oregon is an authorized dealer for Heidts. Heidts is the industries leader in manufactuing and design of front & rear suspensions for Street Rods and Mucle Cars. When you or your friends Street Rods need a Mustang II, Superide, or Superide II give us a call.

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