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We restore antique cars and vintage cars.

vintage car

We know antique cars need extra special attention and care. At MetalWorks we take great pride in our work and it shows. We love working on all type of cars, classic cars, vintage cars, & antique cars. Most our work with antique and vintage cars is minor repair jobs. Often times parts are very hard to find for older antique car and/or vintage cars. Our fabrication shop is able to create almost any needed parts if needed. We enjoy the challenges that are presented when it comes to working on older vintage cars or antique cars.

"In the US we generally look at antique cars as a cars over 45 years of age, this being the definition often used by car clubs. But when it comes to each states legal definition for the purpose of antique vehicle registration varies widely. Owning, restoring and collecting antique or vintage cars is something enjoyed by a large number of people in our area of Oregon. Antique cars are similar to collecting art. For this reason we give the same advice as serious art dealers and professionals in the antiques trade: Buy what you can enjoy above all because the future value of any car or art object is completely unknown."

vintage car

This 1949 Dodge is an example of one of the antique cars we have worked on in the shop. Like all Dodge antique cars of this year it is powered by a flat-head six cylinder engine. The 103 gross horsepower was certainly different to work on then the normal 350's or the new LS engines we see all the time. We were very please to get this antique cars back to running condition for the owners to enjoy.

vintage car

1940 Mercury Vintage Cars are the result of Edsel Ford who envisioned the it as a brand that would fall below the luxury brand of Lincoln but above the entry-level Fords. As much needed convincing to father, Henry, and other family members, the project was given the green light. By the close of the 1930s, vintage cars were being assembled and producing with Mercury badges. Antique cars are so beautiful.

This 1949 Mercury vintage cars required our fabrication shop to design and construct a custom radiator support unit. From the start, the Mercury brand was successful. It competed against General Motors products of Pontiac and Oldsmobile and it took a few years to assemble similar sales figures as these household names.

Some people think that the period for vintage cars overlaps the period for classic cars, while others consider the beginning of World War II as the cut-off date for the period for vintage cars. Many of the cars made during this period are more practical and convenient. Accessories such as a radio in a antique cars and cars with heating were introduced, while the introduction of antifreeze has allowed water-cooled cars to be useful all year round.

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